Why do I need to Service My Water Filter?

The recommended service on a Household Water Purifier and water filtration equipment should be carried out at least every 12 months or once a year. The water purifier needs to be sanitised by a qualified technician or you may run the risk of Bacteria growth. The annual service on a water purifier and water filter can avoid unscheduled maintenance and parts getting damaged, which can lead to unexpected cost. RO Water systems service different water purifier Makes & Models of Water Filtration Equipment, even units supplied by other companies. Getting a reliable supplier who can give you technical support is very important and we strive to be the industry leaders in customer service.  


RO Water Systems specialise in various water purifiers and water filtration equipment including under sink RO units, Borehole/ well water treatment, ultrafiltration, UV lights, water pressure pumps, backup water supply and Industrial Water purifiers.

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