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Looking for a Specific Product?


RO Water SA specializes in providing a wide range of replacement filters for water purifiers and water filtration equipment. With our extensive selection, we cater to all your water purification needs, ensuring that your system continues to operate at peak efficiency. Whether you’re in need of sediment filters, carbon filters, reverse osmosis membranes or any other type of filtration solution, we have you covered. Our high-quality replacement filters are designed to keep your water tasting great and free from contaminants, offering peace of mind and reliability for both residential and commercial applications.

Carbon block filters serve as a pivotal component in water purification systems, utilizing their porous nature and chemical properties to absorb a wide array of impurities and contaminants from water. These filters are constructed from finely powdered activated carbon that is compressed into a solid block, allowing them to offer both mechanical filtration and chemical absorption capabilities. Through this dual-action process, carbon block filters are exceptionally effective at improving water quality by removing chlorine, taste, odors, and color, among other contaminants.

How Carbon Block Filters Work

The effectiveness of carbon block filters lies in the activated carbon's vast surface area, which traps contaminants through a process known as adsorption. As water passes through the dense, solid matrix of the carbon block, impurities are attracted to and held by the carbon particles. Unlike simple mechanical filtration, which only removes particulate matter, carbon block filters chemically bond with contaminants at the molecular level, thereby significantly reducing a wide range of chemicals and substances in the water.

Key Benefits

  • Chlorine Reduction: One of the primary functions of carbon block filters is to remove chlorine and chloramines from water supplies, substances often used in municipal water treatment for disinfection purposes. By eliminating chlorine, these filters not only improve the taste and smell of the water but also prevent the formation of harmful by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs).
  • Taste and Odor Improvement: Activated carbon is highly effective at removing various organic compounds and chemicals that contribute to unpleasant tastes and odors in water. This ensures that the water not only is safe to drink but also has a neutral taste and smell, making it more palatable for consumption.
  • Color Removal: Certain organic materials and chemicals can impart a tint to water. Carbon block filters excel at removing these substances, restoring the water's clarity and making it visually appealing.
  • Broad Spectrum Contaminant Removal: Beyond chlorine, taste, odor, and color, carbon block filters are capable of reducing a wide variety of organic compounds, pesticides, herbicides, and even some heavy metals, making them a versatile solution for improving water quality.


Carbon block filters are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment systems. They are an essential component of under-sink water purifiers, whole-house filtration systems, and point-of-use units such as water pitchers and faucet filters. Their broad contaminant removal capabilities make them suitable for a diverse range of applications, from improving drinking water quality to serving as a pre-treatment step in systems requiring highly purified water, such as reverse osmosis systems.


ICarbon block filters are indispensable in modern water filtration systems due to their effectiveness in removing chlorine, taste, odor, and color from water. Their ability to chemically absorb a wide range of contaminants, coupled with their mechanical filtration capabilities, makes them a comprehensive solution for enhancing water quality. Whether used alone or as part of a multi-stage filtration system, carbon block filters provide a reliable means of ensuring that water is not only safe to drink but also enjoyable.

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